Boiling the Ocean: complexity, Service Design, & Systems Thinking, with Andy Polaine

Design operates at many levels of “zoom.” Small affect the big picture and the big picture is inextricably linked to the details. Andy Polaine returns to his Design to the Power of Ten theme in the light of current events, discussing complexity, service design and systems thinking, and why sometimes we really do have to boil the ocean.

Andy Polaine is a Service Design designer, educator and writer who helps clients build and grow their own design and innovation capability to transform their organisations.

Andy has nearly three decades of experience in design and innovation with clients across a range of industries. He holds a PhD from the University of Technology, Sydney and is a Fellow of the RSA, co-author of Service Design: From Insight to Implementation, the Doctor’s Note newsletter, and hosts the Power of Ten podcast. Amongst other accolades.

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