Buying on DHgate – The Biggest Mistake That Most People Make

DHgate Review: – The Biggest Mistake That Most People Make..

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I’m making this little 2019 update video because a few years ago I made a video about DH Gate and 426 thousand of you watched it, and nearly 10 thousand new people watch it every month so I guess it’s a subject you want to hear about so I’ve got some new stuff you need to know I want to tell you how to stay safe buying on DH Gate, I’ve got the latest info on how to return your item if you’re not happy or how to get a refund if your shipment never arrives.
Hang around to the end because I want to tell you the No.1 Biggest mistake that people make when buying on DH Gate.. that’s coming up but just before that, I want to quickly answer the original question – Can I trust DH Gate?
DH Gate is the trading platform just like Amazon but unlike Amazon, they don’t sell any stock of their own they host the platform and 3rd party sellers sell the actual items..

Now here’s where it gets tricky, because some of these 3rd party sellers will be fine and trustworthy and get your orders out to you with no problems at all, BUT some may not be so trustworthy and some of these sellers might give you some trouble, not want to refund you, keep your money and not send you anything hence why there were hundreds if not thousands of comments under my last video stating that they lost their money and didn’t get their item etc..
Personally, I think that DH Gate as a platform could do much more to weed out these bad sellers and remove them from the website, there isn’t that much that they can or want to do if you don’t get any luck contacting the sellers themselves. So it’s up to you to be sure careful; who you deal with and to make your own checks to ensure they are a reliable seller.
If you want a seamless next day buying experience with 100% iron-clad returns policy go buy on Amazon. This is not the place for you, links down below will show you just what I mean.

Never make a large order for your first time, if you have never dealt with a seller before and you think they look ok, just make a small order to check the quality and make sure you actually receive the item, if nothing turns up and you lose £$15 then it’s not the end of the world, if you order $500 worth and nothing turns up like some people in the comments that’s going to really hurt! Assume the worst and then you can never get caught out.

Next up is expect it to be slooow delivery, it’s coming from China so it’s going to take at least a week to 10 days so don’t panic if nothing arrives after a few days, unless you pay extra for a courier delivery service it’s going to come via donkey post and there are many mountains between you and your fake Yeezys!

So many people buy branded gear on DH Gate and are disappointed when it turns up and the Nike tick is upside down!

If you want to buy fake football jerseys because they are $24 and not $150 then I’m not going to judge you, if you want to rock a pair of Yeezys straight out of Shenzhen Province then you go right ahead I don’t care, but just remember it’s all fake, and I mean ALL of it, no if or buts, if the seller tells you it’s real it’s not, if he tells you it’s out the back door if the Nike factory, it’s not, if he tells you is uncle works for Adidas he doesn’t, if the photo is identical; that’s because he probably nicked the photo from the website. If you’re buying non-branded products then it is what it is, all good if it has a well-known brand name on it you can be 100% comfortable in the knowledge that it is not real and in most western countries it is illegal to bring in counterfeit items into the country so for the purposes of this video you need to know that.

I have dealt with Wholesale products and distributers for over 10 years and I know how the supply chain works, if there is a factory making branded products it’s usually run by the brand owner and if it isn’t security is airtight! They can’t risk a few products getting out the door because they will lose a multi-million dollar contract, all the staff are usually searched and bag checked-in places like this and for the same reason they wouldn’t risk their job for the sake of a quick buck on the side. It doesn’t happen. They only way you will get hold of new branded products is through the official supply chain or via an appointed liquidation agent, and if you are interested in how that works I can go into that on another video let me know in the comments below.

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