1:50- Lessons from the Spanish Flu
05:20- Pollution and Coronavirus
6:26- Airlines and Clean Air
13:20- Plasma Air purification
15:10- Trouble with PPE
19:25 Business returning with Social Distancing
23:00- Dr John discussing TrueMask and 3 Zones 2 Path
35:00- Mr. A Vaidyanathan discussing the particulate matter in the air and the importance of personal air quality monitoring and maintenance.

This is the third instalment of the educative COVID-19 series. The video covers the AIR around us. How the quality of air affects the COVID-19 spread, innovative measures being taken to protect people in the air and on the ground. This series included discussions by Dr. John F Pearson (Professor of Anaesthesiology, University of Utah, CMO of True Health), Mr. A Vaidyanathan (Clen air professional and founder CEO of PAQS) and Dr. Vivek Kadambi (MD of Bellesante Diagnostic & Therapeutic Institute)