HQD CUVIE – Grapey flavor, A fair and balanced review

The product in this video may become illegal in Australia on 1/1/21 if the goverment and anti vaping groups get their way, smokes on the other had will remain perfectly legal. For the sake of the 21 000 smokers who die each year in this country don’t sit back and allow that to happen.

Calling all vapers. DO THE 5. Together we can get it done!

1. Visit your MP & senators
quick link to find yours and set up a meeting.

2. Write your MP & senators
quick link to find yours and get the contact information.

3. Write to newspapers and media
Any time you see ripe bovine excrement use your voice, from local newspaper letters to the editor, regional radio or national TV. Don’t let them get away with it!

4. Sign Legalise Vaping Australia and other petitions

and a recent one from NSW

5. Donate to ATHRA
Ever bummed someone a cigg, e-bum for ATHRA, this time our lives depend on it.

If the half a million vapers in this country do all 5 vaping will be legal tomorrow.

do the 5, stay alive