New Parenting Hangout- Encapsulating Placenta by Tammy Halliday – "Placenta Encapsulation Melbourne"

Meet Tammy Halliday a Mother of 5, Trainer, a Doula and Placenta Encapsulator from Melbourne, Australia.

Watch the Hangout to learn about “Placenta Encapsulation” , from Tammy’s 18 years of experience in & around birthing.

Do you know encapsulating placenta may help you?

2:48 What is a placenta?
3:26 What is placenta encapsulation?
3:45 What are the benefits of using the placenta?
4:59 Are there any scientific studies of the placenta benefits?

5:52 Client Feedback

6:48 So is there more than one way of preparing the placenta for consumption?
7:11 With the Raw method how is it processed?
7:38 Then with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is that slightly different than raw?
8:25 What is a Homeopathic tincture & how is it processed?
9:10 Is it possible to have all three process’s from the 1 placenta
9:44 I heard that a placenta can be used in a smoothie, is this true?

10:12 How do I know my placenta is healthy?
10:45 Can all placentas be used? for example,If the mother has a disease or an STD can the placenta still be used?
11:16 Does the placenta need to be a certain size?
11:34 Does the birth time of the baby affect the placenta?
12:03 Does the time that it takes clamp the cord affect the placenta?
12:36 Can the placenta be used if the mother has an infection ?
13:12 If the mother has had antibiotics due to an infection?
13:20 What about if the mother has had a cesarean section?
13:48 If the mother is induced can it be used ?
14:20 Can the placenta be used if the mother has had drugs, epidural or General Anaesthetic during labour?
14:55 What if the baby is born prematurely, can the placenta be used?
16:07 Can the placenta be used if the mother has had a lotus birth?
17:47 If the mother is planning on a home birth can she use her placenta?
18:03 If the mother has frozen her placenta from the birth of her child can she still have this processed later on?
19:30 Can you use a placenta if it is born into a water pool?
20:25 In the case of twins can the placenta be used? or If there is 2 placentas will they both be used ?
21:17 If mum is giving birth at a hospital can she have the placenta processed?
21:45 Will the hospital allow you to take the placenta to be processed?
22:09 What if they want to take the placenta to pathology?
22:48 What is proper placenta care & handling for encapsulation?
22:51 Is this acceptable for all cultures/religions?
24:45 If the mother is vegetarian can she consume the placenta capsules?

25:32 Do you pick up the placenta?
26:01 In most cases the father will want to spend time with mum & baby directly after the birth ,do they need to drop the placenta off immediately?
26:50 How should the placenta be transported?
27:08 Is there time restriction after the birth for you to be able to process the placenta?
27:50 What information is required about the birth when the placenta is delivered or picked up?
28:30 Is it ok for a family member or friend to drop off the placenta?

28:50 How do we know it is processed in hygienic conditions? How is your working environment cleaned afterwards?
29:47 Have you had your site independently evaluated?
30:26 What type of supplies are used & how are they sterilised?

31:28 How can you be sure that it is your placenta that you get back?
32:17 How many capsules does a placenta normally yield?
33:17 Is the placenta product shipped afterwards or does it need to be picked up?
34:07 How long will it take to receive the capsules?
34:46 How long will it take to get the tincture?

35:15 How should the capsules be stored?
36:05 Do the capsules have an expiration date or best before date?
36:25 When should you start using the encapsulated placenta product?
36:35 How often does the mother use the capsules?how many?
37:20 For what time period should the mother use the capsules for?
37:47 Is there any time that a mother shouldn’t use the capsules?
38:18 Will the capsules affect the baby?
38:55 Will the capsules affect the mothers breast milk supply?
39:25 How is the tincture used mum and for the baby?
41:25 How long will the tincture last for?
42:07 How diluted is the tincture?

43:35 Does the client need to pay in advance?
44:10 Do the client need to organise this before the birth of my child?
44:20 If the placenta can’t be used & has been paid in advance , do you provide a refund?

45:05 Client feedback

46:35 What qualifications do you have?
47:14 How do people contact you?
48:00 What service area do you cover?

48:30 So, How much does it normally cost?

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50:26 Does it matter what your due date is?

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Did you know that Placenta capsules may help with postpartum depression treatment,
post natal depression and breast feeding!

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