The Best E-Cigarette in Australia: Vaper Empire V-Pack II E-Cig Review

Did you look for the best e-cigarette in Australia? Check out Vaper Empire V-Pack II Series Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit Review: E-Cig Brands reviewed this Aussie e-cig as being among the top vape cigarettes available in Australia. Visit our Vaper Empire review & enjoy a 15% discount

A great new product from out of Australia, the Vaper Empire V-Pack II comes with excellent packaging and an explanation of everything it comes with right on the back. Box offers convenient unboxing and repackaging of battery pack and charger. A great thing about the battery pack itself is that it’s really light-weight and easy to charge. Charging case maintains the same basic concept of a pull down/pop up. The case offers space for three cartridges and two batteries to charge and to hold.

The Vaper Empire: V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette Starter Kit also offers a digital display right on the case. When the electronic cigarette is placed in the charging case, the digital display lights up and indicates charging capacity and charging status. Showing how much battery is left on the display and how much is left in the battery itself is an amazingly convenient feature. This e-cigarette even closes while charging, which is considered a great option.

Made to be lightweight and sleek, the e-cigarette and accompanying casing is positively reviewed and ranked higher than many competitors. Charger is easily accessible. USB can be simply plugged in to a wall adapter, car or anything else.

Starter kits offers 5 packs in one. One of the thinnest e-cigarettes on the market, the Vaper Empire: V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette can be easily fit between two fingers. With fast heating and a very robust flavor, these e-cigarettes offer excellent vapor production and smoking experience on the very first puffs.

Unlike many other electronic cigarettes with slow heating and the need to puff a few times before getting nice, thick, quality vapor, the Vaper Empire: V-Pack II Series E-Cigarette provides instant gratification. Without the need to puff several times before it gets strong, this product is strong right out of the starting gate.

With a high-quality battery pack, the kit shows how to arrange the battery from 0 to 99. It’s got a four-power cell division battery pack inside. This indicates it’s not going to get depleted or ruined. It’s going to be there for a couple of years and still work. Sleek design, great packaging; even better product!

Vaper Empire products shipped to Australia and New Zealand only.

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